Airco Foam Treatment


Poor operation of the air conditioning system (the evaporator) or negligent maintenance of the air conditioning system causes a musty smell in the interior and leads to possible allergic reactions from occupants. The treatment with RMC Airco Foam effectively ensures that the evaporator (the source of the contamination) is cleaned and kills bacteria, yeasts and fungi. This is unique because the fungi can take care of allergic reactions for humans and animals. Fungi remain active in the cab when not cleaned. This can have consequences that the occupants can suffer from: cold, a flu-like feeling, sore throat, tearing eyes and irritated airways. People with asthma could get a worsening of their symptoms.


• The treatment is safe for humans and animals (CtgB approved under number (15565N)

• can be performed without the use of special equipment

• Gives a pleasant, comfortable and fresh climate in the cabin

• Cleans and actively cleans the entire Air conditioning system

• Keeps windows free of condensation and prevents fogged windows


• Cleans De Airco evaporator in a professional manner

• Effectively cleans all air and ventilation channels

• Removes active health-threatening Bacteria, Fungi and Yeasts