Diesel Multipoint Pro




The strict emission standards have forced manufacturers to develop complex engines and injection systems to reduce fuel consumption. These motors are extremely sensitive to pollution and deposits. A poor atomization can, for example, cause soot emission, which causes the catalyst to clog. This creates a back pressure (damaging to the turbo), which impedes the proper discharge of the exhaust gases so that the engine power is limited. Diesel Multipoint Pro is a professional product for cleaning the entire engine: injectors, turbo, catalysts and particulate filters.


The ultra-concentrated formulation based on Nanotec® removes the harmful soot that accumulates in the variable turbo-geometry and oxidation catalyst. Turbo Cleaner is suitable for all types of diesel engines such as common rail and TDI pump injectors.




Recommended for all exhaust aftertreatment systems (catalytic converters, soot filters and Nox 'traps');


Cleans and removes the soot deposits on turbos and the and the vanes of the variable geometry, without disassembly;


Extends the life of the catalyst and the soot filter


Suitable for all modern diesel engines, with or without particulate filter, suitable for biodiesel;


Cleans, lubricates and protects the injectors, the high-pressure pump, valves, combustion chambers, suction and piston rings;


Reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions (CO2, NOx, CO, HC);


Optimizes engine efficiency;


Neutralises the condensation water;




Alu Bottle

6 x 1500 ml / carton