Petrol Multipoint Pro



Petrol Multipoint Pro is a professional cleaning product for petrol injection systems. Thanks to the extreme concentration and the Nano technological lubricating and cleaning components, unrivaled efficiency has been achieved to date.

The active Nanotec® detergents remove varnishes and deposits in the entire fuel system (tank, pump, injectors, valves and combustion chambers) so that the fuel drift and combustion are optimized without dismantling. Suitable for all types of petrol engines, with direct or indirect injection, with or without turbo.


• Cleaning the injection system without dismantling, by adding 1500ml Petrol Multipoint Pro in the fuel tank;

• Cleans and removes the soot deposits on turbos and valves without disassembly;

• Extends the life of the catalytic converter and the lambda probes.


• Cleaning of the injection system without disassembly, by adding 1.5 liters of Petrol Multipoint Pro in the fuel tank;

• Optimizes engine power;

• Protects the fuel system against corrosion, prevents oxidation of the fuel;

• Reduces fuel consumption;

• Reduces the emission of harmful exhaust gases (Co2, CO, HC and Nox);

• Stabilizes the idle speed;


Alu Bottle

6 x 1500 ml / carton